When PAC re-opened after quarantine, Troy and Ashley Rush were ecstatic and among the first and most dedicated visitors. Unfortunately for their neighbors lost a prime source of entertainment left the streets.

“We used to go on these 4 mile walks in our subdivision and the neighbors thought we were hilarious,” Ashley said. “We’d come down the street with Carter (age 6)on a scooter crying and Patton (age 18 months), in a stroller crying because we’d been out so long but all of us needed to get out of the house.”

Once the club opened last June, Troy, Ashley and Carter took advantage of three of PAC’s unique specialty classes – METStrength for strength development, BURN for high intensity conditioning and Foundations, a youth fitness class which helps develop proper active movement patterns.

We’re not very good at working out at home. When PAC re-opened it was a way for us to be get back to normalcy – get active and get the kids active. It was something all of us needed.” 

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Troy and Ashley were on a roll before the Covid-19 quarantine hit having been consistent with both classes but upon returning, really got into strength development in their METStrength classes offering  two different types of workouts – one for pure strength development and one which has cardiovascular circuits combined with strength circuits.

The strength workout protocols – number of repetitions, sets and combinations of exercises – are changed every three to six weeks to create a variety of physical challenges and, in theory, more effective workouts.

“We are definitely more into strength development more now than ever. The variety in the classes make for a great challenge each workout,” Ashley said. “We had to quit using the scale though because you see more results from your clothes. All my sizes are smaller than before even though my weight has changed.”

Troy for his part had lost weight via dieting but after a plateau in June of 2019 found the addition of exercise helped to continue his progress moving down four pant sizes over the course of a year. The quarantine put a short setback in his progress though.

I definitely got the quarantine 15 (weight gain) but have been able to recover with the help of the classes,” Troy said.

Carter for his part enjoyed getting back to seeing his friends and taking part in the huge variety of movement training in Foundations.

“I like the obstacle courses and running around with my friends,” Carter said.

Not only are the classes the Rush’s attend beneficial from an overall health and activity standpoint, the instructors and club make a strong effort to reduce the risk of Covid 19 infection through equipment cleaning before, during and after classes, keeping participants relatively separated with different exercise assignments and making sure to minimize contact with each other during the exercise sessions.

Recent research has indicated health clubs have low to moderate risks of infection if judicious protocols are followed and innumerable studies indicate exercise’s effectiveness in improving immune function and mental well-being. 

This evidence indicates health club attendance to be a potential infection fighter through improved fitness and durability.

PAC did a great job of making us feel comfortable with the extra cleaning help as well as the instructors wiping down equipment during classes,” Ashley said.