We have been members of PAC off and on since we moved to Mandeville in 2009.  My husband and I rejoined in the summer of 2016 after we had our third baby to give me a place to take them during the day and to utilize childcare.  I never realized back then how many ways we would use our membership.

We signed up thinking that this would be a gym for both of us to use but with three energetic kids (8/7/5) PAC has turned into so much more for our family.  I wanted to share with you some of the ways we have used our membership over the last four years.

Gym + Classes

The first thing you think of when joining a club like PAC is the fact that you are looking for a gym.  This was our first reason for joining.  Over the years I have tried everything from Body Pump to Burn to Yoga, Pilates, barre, and spin.  The choices are endless.  The early morning classes with Marie Wiles gave me new ideas for weight training and I have even used the services of Christine White for personal training.


When we started with the club all my kids were in Playland (ages 6 weeks – 5 years).  We have since graduated to YAC (6 years – 10 years).  It was nice to know on the crazy days at home I could use my two hours of child care if I needed a break, wanted to fit a workout in or just needed the opportunity to make a few phone calls in the café without the kids interrupting me.  Both Playland and YAC are fun for the kids and I am always greeted by a smile and hello when interacting with the staff.  I feel like my kids are in good hands when I leave them.

Pool + Splash Pad

If you find us at PAC in between May and August, we are most definitely at the pool. You have probably seen us as the lifeguards are usually blowing the whistle for my kids to stop running. The pool and splash pad have often been life savers for us in the hot months. When PAC added the splash pad it could not have been more convenient. As a mom of small kids, it can be hard to keep track of all of them in the big pool. The splash pad gave our family the opportunity for all of the kids to be able to play together in a shallower pool area. Adding the bathrooms close by was also a perk as a potty-training mom.


I think the thing I was looking forward to the most was having the kids participate in the summer swim program.  We have used PAC for swimming lessons over the years, but I could not wait until they were old enough to do competitive swimming.  Having watched the swim team practice for years I knew the program was great and would really burn a lot of energy for my boys.  We were happy to find that not only did it burn energy, but coaches focused on form and teaching the kids how to do the strokes correctly for competition.


I signed my big boys up for junior tennis two years ago.  It was such a fun experience for them and a sport that we can play as an entire family.  I was happy with how the program fit kids of several different ages.  The boys ask me on the regular when they can play tennis again.



PAC has become so much more than a gym for us.  It has become a community.  We love the friendships and opportunities it has brought into our lives and look forward to using our membership for years to come.